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Power Point Pentacle Necklace ~ Sterling Silver

Power Point Pentacle Necklace ~ Sterling Silver
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This beautiful sterling silver necklace features a Pentacle charm which suspends a faceted clear quartz point with double termination. The quartz point is held in place by a band of sterling silver.

The pendant is provided with a sterling silver trace chain measuring 16 inches in length

Presented in a drawsting pouch

Clear Quartz Properties:

Body: Boosts the immune system. Clears negative debris causing disease from the aura. Relieves pain and fevers. Relieves vertigo. Aids healing and tissue regeneration.

Mind: Fuels memory. Aids concentration. Gives creative insight. Balances emotions.

Magick: Facilitates clairvoyance and divinatory abilities. Aids in meditation. Induces prophetic dreams. Protects against psychic attack. Receives, amplifies, and transmits energy. Purifies the aura and the soul.


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