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Ruby, Kyanite in Fuchsite Palm Stone

Ruby, Kyanite in Fuchsite Palm Stone
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This is a quite unusual and rare Palm Stone - it is a blend of red ruby, with the greener colours being kyanite and fuchshite. These Palm Stones are well polished, smooth and the shape is irregular (i.e. Not completely circular) which makes them comfortable to hold.

The colouring can vary between Palm Stones as they are a natural product, some can be a slightly darker green than others and some contain more red than others. 

Dimensions: At the widest point can vary between 3.5-5cms (1-2 inches).

More About Ruby
Ruby is an intense crystal that is energetically connected to the core of existence. It reminds us of the important of connecting to our true deep nature and of being more aware of the place where all life comes from. Ruby is connected with knowledge of the ancient past, present and future. The energy is warm and stimulating, encouraging us to open our hearts, develop intuitive abilities and find our path in life. 

Ancient Indian teachers often used ruby to help students access their teachings and ruby is also said to stimulate a rich dream state. Plus, some hold it to help facilitate astral travel.

More About Kyanite
The energy of kyanite crystal helps us maintain an awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings and to realise that life is not just some random event - we do have a say. It helps us maintain an awareness of our light body (our higher vibrational selves) and this can also help us with meditation, listening to our intuition, connecting with our dreams and psychic work. From this point of strength it can help us to be who we truly are. The crystal kyanite tends not to store negativity so does not need cleansing.

More About Fuchsite
Being around the energy of the crystal fuchsite helps us to not get so embroiled with other people’s energy, thinking we aren’t good enough or looking for some sort of approval. It gently reminds us of our true divine essence. Fuchsite crystal reminds us to be happy where we are, to count our blessings and to not feel we need to strive to be better. We are as we are. Others can take it or leave.

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