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Ruby Zoisite Goddess Bracelet

Ruby Zoisite Goddess Bracelet
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The Zoisite Goddess Bracelet features an elasticated bracelet fitted with vibrant ruby zoisite crystals, Triquetra and Spiral Goddess charms

size: elasticated ~ one size fits all  

Ruby Zoisite Metaphysical Properties:

Ruby Zoisite posesses a powerful life force of energy that makes it an effective stone for healing. It brings its wearer positive and happy feelings that will fight emotional diseases such as depression.

Ruby Zoisite is a stone of vitality and growth. When it comes to wealth, this is a very lucky stone to have.

It will attract energies of good luck and abundance, and will draw money and prosperity toward you.

Ruby Zoisite will transmute negative energies to positive energies and remove any feelings of lethargy or stress.


Presented in a drawstring pouch

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