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Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite Charging Plate
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Thick Selenite Crystal Charging Plate measuring 100mm in diameter.

Uses: Crystals, bottled magickal oils, charm vials, herbs, spell candles and more can be placed upon this charging plate, under the light of a full moon (simply place on a windowsill or somewhere safe outdoors) to charge with the powerful energy. This allows your magickal item to work to the best of its ability during spellwork. The plate will remain charged and will continue to cleanse and charge any items placed upon it between full moons 

The plates make a lovely addition to your altar to stand and raise special items upon.

Selenite Properties: 

Used to clear the aura of negativity and to bring in a divine influence, selenite acts as a tool for enlightenment as it heralds the link between spirit and matter.

Due to the saltwater formation of selenite and our own saltwater beginnings, we resonate with the very essence of this crystal. Selenite has a direct effect on the emotional body. However, unlike stones that soothe and calm the emotions, selenite activates the aspect of our nature connected to our true spiritual feeling and path.

Selenite is an element of creation. Intensifying the light frequency, the resurgence of Selenite enhances our consciousness. This extremely sensitive, powerful healing crystal acts just like “liquid light” from the angelic realm and universe.

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