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Sisterhood of the Dark Moon Candle

Sisterhood of the Dark Moon Candle
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I created The Sisterhood of the Dark Moon candle to keep on my altar to honour Hecate and the Sisterhood of the Dark Moon, an online coven I created with likeminded others who wish to bring forth healing and positive energy in the name of Hecate, which takes place each month on the night of the new moon.

 The pillar candle is black in colour. I then load the top of the candle  with herbs and flowers corresponding to Hecate such as mugwort, Rose petals, wormwood and vervain. The candle is then dripped with deep purple and Black beeswax. The crystals are then inset into the candle, included are an amethyst puff heart in the centre of the candle, an obsidian crystal, small amethyst cluster and clear quartz point on top, along with a rose bud. 

Finished with a largevsilver plated pentacle charm tired with black and purple cord. 

The candle measures 19cm in height by 7cm in diameter with a burn time of 80 hours.

If you do wish to burn your candle please remove all crystals and the rose bud from the top of the candle beforehand. Please ensure that the candle is placed on a fireproof holder before lighting and do not leave the candle unattended when lit as the herbs and flowers in loaded candles can and usually do catch fire during burning. If this happens, extinguish the candle, remove any herbs/flowers that are causing an issue and re-light.

Don't forget to remove your onyx crystal prior to lighting your candle


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