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Spikenard Cleansing Bundle

Spikenard Cleansing Bundle
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The spikenard cleansing bundle contains

  • Large Clear Quartz Crystal Point - A powerful tool for cleansing negative energy and entities from a place and/or person, offering protection and amplifying positive energy. Carry with you or place somewhere special such as your altar or next to your bed. 
  • Black Beeswax Spell Candle -  infused with Amber Resin. Light to banish negative energy and offer protection 
  • White Beeswax Spell Candle - Infused with sage essential oil. Light your candle to purify and restore balance to cleansed area
  • Spikenard Incense Rope x10 - These highly fragranced incense ropes, often used in temples, contain a highly aromatic blend of red & white sandalwood, cardamom, clove, sunghandi bal and spikenard. Place your rope in a fireproof dish or incense holder and Light the rope at the pointed end. The rope will self extinguish within around 10 seconds, at which point the fragrant smoke will begin to rise. Use this smoke to cleanse the room, place or person desired. You may also wish to pass your crystal through the smoke to cleanse and amplify its positive energy. 

you will receive 10 incense ropes with your bundle. Each rope burns for around 45 minutes. 

Your bundle comes bound together with black cord, Pentacle charm and descriptive label. 

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