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Stilbite with Apophylite Combination 5

Stilbite with Apophylite Combination 5
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This beautiful Stilbite with Apophylite Combination Crystal has been cleansed and blessed at my own altar. Each piece that we have are sold individually so you will receive the exact piece shown in the image. 

This piece measures, at longest/widest points: 40mm in length, 30mm in width, 25mm in height

 Stilbite with Apophylite Magical Correspondences: These magical crystals each have their own wonderful correspondences but as they grow next to each other, they fuse. As they do so their energy combines, harmonising their individual correspondences.

Apophylite: A master healer, this crystal rebalances the heart chakra and encourages the release of emotional wounds. Once negative energy begins to melt away, it rebalances the aura for an overall feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

Apophyllite will help enhance your intuition, making your senses sharper and your visions clearer. A wonderful tool for amplifying psychic ability and connections, apophylite will help you to connect to spirit guides and guardian angels, alllowing them to assist you in making the right decisions by sending you signs and signals to interpret.

Apophyllite helps with the release of any mental blocks or negative thought patterns. It can effectively reduce fears, worries, and anxieties.

Placed in a room, apophylite will quickly dispel the negative energy. Its beautiful energy will envelop everyone who enters that room with strong and uplifting energies and high vibrations of love, happiness, and inner peace.

Stilbite: Stimulates the heart chakra and emanates a powerful energy of openess and love. Stilbite facilitates the state of mind, with its tranquil and grounding energy, it is a valuable tool to aide in meditation.

Stilbite is a wonderful crystal for dream work and recall as it unlocks the messages within dreams, allowing us to interpret the signs, symbols and situations we encounter within them.



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