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Layered Chakra Crystal Necklace

Layered Chakra Crystal Necklace
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This stunning Chakra balancing necklace features seven beautifully polished chakra crystals, layered into a beautiful point pendant. The pendant is wrapped, in a spiral, with silver plated wire.


 Your pendant will arrive fitted your choice of either 20 Inch Silver Plated Snake Chain of wonderful quality or adjustable cord necklace.

Crystals Included are:

Quartz Crystal ~ Overall Balance of the Chakra System

Amethyst ~ Concerned with understanding, knowledge and mental organising

Sodalite ~ Communication, personal expression and the flow of information

Green Quartz ~ Relationships and personal development

Citrine ~ Gives confidence and Personal Power

Hematite ~ Gives Stability, energy distribution and physical survival

Agate ~ Encourages creativity, feelings and sexual drive



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