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Uncrossing Charm Pouch

Uncrossing Charm Pouch
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The evil eye charm pouch features a hessian tone charm pouch filled with herbs, resins and crystals to uncross the target of a hex. This commanding blend works to deflect this negative energy back toward the sender, offers protection from further negative energy and promotes the attraction of luck and positive, peaceful energy. 

the outside of the pouch is finished with a parchment tone tag, reading ‘uncrossing’ written in Theban (witches alphabet) and a large evil eye charm with beautifully realistic resin detail and bronze tone tray. The Evil eye is an ancient symbol believed to ward off curses, hexes and negative energy 


  • Hang by your bed or keep underneath your pillow at night 
  • Carry with you or hang/place the charm pouch somewhere special such as an altar 

The charm bag comes neatly packaged in a cellophane pouch

Pouch Measures: 7cm in length by 5cm in width 

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