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Veil of Hecate Spell Bottle

Veil of Hecate Spell Bottle
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I created This spell bottle to keep on my altar to honour the goddess Hecate, offer powerful protection, cleanse negative energy and amplify energy during spell work and ritual. Hecate has long been my most coveted and revered Goddess as over many years she is the one that I have found myself calling upon most frequently.

Known as the queen of witchcraft, Goddess of Magick, the moon and the night, Hecate is often portrayed as the three in one goddess, renowned for her powerful aide toward women, justice, protection, cleansing and banishing. As a crone aspect she holds deep wisdom and can be called upon to both powerfully curse and cure, to protect and to banish. It is said that Hecate was the first to introduce women to witchcraft. As a Goddess of the crossroads and necromancy she is also a potent aide to call upon during divination and spirit work. 

The blend includes Mugwort, rose petals & buds, my own potent blend of black salt, cypress, vervain, frankincense and a black onyx tumble stone. 

The blend is contained in a 20ml square glass bottle with large cork stopper. The corks are dripped with black sealing wax and pressed with a crescent moon stamp. The bottle is then finished with black cord and a large pentacle charm. 

Magickal uses: 


  • Protection 
  • Banishing
  • Cleansing 
  • Justice
  • Healing 
  • Divination 
  • Spirit/Seance work 


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