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Pentacle Direction Anklet

Pentacle Direction Anklet
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The Pentacle Direction Anklet features Tibetan Silver Pentacle charms which are separated by 5 crystal charms which correspond to the elements of Earth (Aventurine), Air (Citrine), Fire (Carnelian), Water (Turquenite) and Spirit (Amethyst)

Presented In a Drawstring Pouch

Anklet is Silver Plated and extends from 9 -11 inches so can be adjusted to fit your ankle size

Crystal Metaphysical Properties:

Aventurine (Earth/North) ~ Good Luck, Success, Prosperity, Earth Magick

Citrine (Air/East) ~ Attracts Money and Prosperity

Carnelian (Fire/South) ~ Amplifies Confidence, Strength and Courage

Turquenite (Water/West) ~ Promotes Inner Peace and Happiness, Tranquility

Amethyst (Spirit/Centre) ~ Luck, Protection, Raises Personal Power, Amplifies Psychic Ability


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