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Witch’s Energy Cleansing Set

Witch’s Energy Cleansing Set
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The witch’s energy cleansing kit includes a selection of items to cleanse negative energy.


Contents Of Set

  •  Mini cauldron oil burner ~ Fits perfectly on small shelves and altars. For burning oils and wax melts 


  • Crone moon smudging wax melt ~ Hand made by me (Leanne) this is one of my most popular wax melts. This moon shaped soy wax melt contains a blend of herbs, flowers and essential oils to cleanse negative energy 
  • Mini scented broom ~ In special edition crescent moon charm and purple cord (not available to buy separately on the website). This mini broom is perfect to hang in your car, home or place on your altar. It is infused with energy cleansing essential oils 
  •  Energy cleansing charm vial ~ Filled with herbs, flowers and clear quartz points to cleanse energy. Finished with a pentacle charm tied with purple cord. The cork is drip covered in metallic purple wax and sealed with a triple moon symbol
  • Amethyst crystal ~ To cleanse energy, offer powerful protection and attract good luck
  •  Opium tea light candle ~ this gorgeous black tea light candle is opium fragrances and is perfect for use in your cauldron oil burner


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