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Witchcrafted Kyanite Aura Pendant #1

Witchcrafted Kyanite Aura Pendant #1
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Handmade by me (Leanne), this witchcrafted pendant features a gorgeous kyanite aura specimen. The specimen is held in place by a spiral of black clay, decorated in muted tones to match the crystal. 

In the middle of the spiral is a Lavastone aura cabochon, held in place by a further spiral. 

The pendant is then glazed in a waterproof, high shine varnish. 

Comes fitted with a black ribbon and cord necklace with lobster clasp closure and extender chain 

Magical Correspondences:

Kyanite Cobalt Aura:

  • An extraordinary crystal of spiritual connection,
  • Opens the mind centers,
  • Enhances telepathic and psychic abilities,
  • Bridges gaps in all communication efforts,
  • Provides a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy.

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