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WitchCrafted Spell Candle ~ Banishment of Negative Energy

WitchCrafted Spell Candle ~ Banishment of Negative Energy
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 The Banishment Candle is made from clean burning soy wax and features a gorgeous Prppermint, clove and sage 100 % Essential Oil blend. Each candle is topped with a clear quartz Crystal point, rough clear quartz piece, obsidian crystals chips, Herbs, flowers, resins and banishment oil to ward off negative energy and entities. 

The soy candle is contained in an amber glass jar which Emirates a beautiful warming glow when the candle is lit. The outside of the Jar is finished with a label featuring my vanishing spell wording to read whilst the candle is alight. 

The best time to use your banishment spell candle is during a waxing moon. 

Burn time of 40+ hours.

Clean Burning, Pure & Vegan Friendly!

Measures: 9.5cm tall by 7cm wide 

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