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Witch & Spell Craft Witches Knot Spell Kit

Witches Knot Spell Kit
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The Witches Knot is one of my favourite spells that can be used for any intention. I've put together this kit to include all that you need to cast this spell successfully and also included my own Nine Knot spell wording that can be easily personalised to meet your exact requirement. The instruction scroll not only includes the spell wording but also takes you through every step of the spell in detail.

Love and Light

Leanne xx


Kit Contents:

    • Velvet Charm Pouch with Witch Hat Charm
    • Manifestation Herbs
    • Manifestation Oil
    • Amplifying Crystal
    • Beeswax Spell Candle
    • Cleansing Incense Cone
    • Full Instruction Scroll

    The Spell Kit comes neatly packaged in a cellophane pouch with the contents label as shown in the image

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