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Jewellery Witch's Realm Bracelet

Witch's Realm Bracelet
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The witches realm bracelet is made up of wax coated cord with silver plated catch and lobster clip. Along the length of the bracelet are 7 chakra balancing crystals and 8 silver plated witchy charms.

Crystal Colours & Correspondences ~

Aventurine ~ Green Crystal ~ The Goddess' Crystal, Luck, Success, Money, Lifts self-imposed limits

Onyx ~ Black ~ overcoming grief, wisdom, helps to encourage good choices, calms negativity, confidence

Carnelian ~ Red ~ Sexuality, Protection, Creativity, sharpens concentration, improves meditation

Sodalite  ~ Blue  ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace

Citrine ~ Yellow ~ Attracts wealth and success

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Clear Quartz ~ Truth, Inner Power, magnifies the power of the other crystals


Bracelet measures: 7.5 inches. If you require a larger size please let us know in the order comments and we'll add an extender chain onto your bracelet for you.

Presented in a drawstring pouch

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