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Greetings MoonChildren,
I was talking earlier, on our Facebook page, about my intention to make more regular blog posts to fill out our Blog Of Shadows. Earlier today, in my previous blog post I gave instructions for Circle Casting. I have a little extra time on my hands today so thought it would be nice to have a list of herb, tree and flower correspondences available to view on our website.
Below I have listed some of the most popular herbs used in Witchcraft but please feel free to comment on the blog post to ask me for any Plant kingdom correspondence you would like to know about, or even add your own. All of these plants have many more correspondences than I have listed, these are the ways in which our Coven uses them.
You will also observe that many of the plants involved hold the same correspondences for certain things, this is why we blend herbs. I dont recommend that a beginner tries this this particular blend but for instance; mugwort, cedar, Wormswood, Dandelion Leaf and Amber would be ideal if you wished to perform a summoning or communicate with the afterlife. You would also utilise crystals and oils which correspond with your intention to accompany and amplify the power of your chosen plants. I will write further blog posts to include crystal, herb and oil correspondences over the coming weeks.
Love and Light
Leanne xx
  • ACACIA ~ Clairvoyance, Divination, Visions, Wealth, Protection, Blessings
  • ALDER ~ Banishing, Transformation, Truth, Power of Water, Intuition
  • APPLE ~ Dream Work, Enchantment, Fertility, Love, Luck, Harmony
  • BIRCH ~ Reduces anxiety, Defensive Magick, Increases concentration, Creativity
  • CEDAR ~ Afterlife, Clairvoyance, Breaks Hexes, Psychic Ability
  • CYPRESS ~ Binding, Defensive Magick, Comfort, Mental Power, Wisdom
  • ELDER~ Grounding, Healing, Love, Magickal Power, Success
  • ELM ~ Intuition, Love, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Stability
  • JUNIPER ~ Fertility, Happiness, Protection, Optimism, Spirits, Strength
  • OAK ~ Confidence, Justice, Luck, Money, Success, Independance, Wealth
  • PINE ~ Beginnings, Blessings, Hope, Prosperity, Self-Work, Releasing
  • ROWAN ~ Astral Realm, Devotion, Guidance, Psychic Ability, Visions, Spirits
  • WILLOW ~ Moon Magick, Moon Power, Protection, Knowlegde, Fertility
  • WITCH HAZEL ~ Healing, Inspiriation, Willpower, Fidelity, Wisdom
  • AGRIMONY ~ Harmony, Healing, Breaking Hexes, Dream Work, Protection
  • ALLSPICE~ Business, Luck, Success, Kindness, Money
  • ANGELICA ~ Repels Negativity, Divination, Purification, Success,
  • ANISE ~ Balance, Energy, Harmony, Purification, Well-Being
  • BASIL ~ Psychic Ability, Love (Reconciliation), Money, Messages/Omens
  • BELLADONNA ~ Imagination, Night Magick, Visions, Astral Realm
  • BETONY ~ Solving Problems, Security, Decreases Anxiety, Protection
  • BORAGE ~ Beginnings, Business success, Skills, Courage, Awareness
  • BLUEBELL ~ Kindness, Luck, Love, Manifestation, Overcoming Obstacles
  • CARNATION ~ Deep Love, Beauty, Communication, Fertility, Harmony, Emotions
  • CATNIP ~ Love, Luck, Psychic Ability, Spirits, Prevents Nightmares
  • CHAMOMILE ~ Blessings, Calming, Reduces Anger & Anxiety, Money, Luck
  • CINNAMON ~ Wealth, Money, Security, Luck, Desire, Attraction, Peace
  • CLOVE ~ Divination, Prosperity, Psychic Ability, Success, Truth, Visions
  • CLOVER ~ Grounding, Luck, Marriage, Prosperity, Success, Spiritual Balance
  • CUMIN ~ Fidelity, Harmony, The Home, Longevity, Love, Repels Negativity
  • DAFFODIL ~ Afterlife, Fairies, Love (Unrequited), Security, Spirits, Calming
  • DANDELION ~ Clairvoyance, Clarity, Divination, Communication, Spirits
  • DILL ~ Defensive Magick, Breaking Hexes, Love, Lust, Sex Magick, Money
  • FENNEL ~ Blessings, Repels Evil & Negative Energy (from entering the home)
  • FEVERFEW ~ Healing, Heartbreak, Love, Protection, Strength, Purification
  • GARLIC ~Banishing, Justice, Protection, Breaking Hexes, Release, Security
  • GINGER ~ Money, Pregnancy/ChildBirth, Moon Magick, Unity, Success
  • HENBANE (highly poisonous) ~ Astral Realm, Divination, Love (Attract)
  • HONEYSUCKLE ~ Affection, Destiny, Happiness, Love, Peace, Well-Being
  • IVY ~ Attraction, Marriage, Love, Stability, Transformation, Fidelity, Omens
  • LAVENDER ~ Reduces Anger and Anxiety, Love, Manifestation, Luck, Rebirth
  • LEMON BALM ~ Business Success, Calming, Clarity, Fertility, Relationships
  • MANDRAKE (Poisonous) ~ Desire, Courage, spirits, Wealth, Omens, Bind
  • MISTLETOE (Poisonous) ~ Beginnings, Blessings, Business, Luck
  • MOONWORT ~ Clairvoyance, Divination, Love, Moon Magick, Money
  • MUGWORT ~ Spirits, Psychic Ability, Astral Realm, Awareness, Psychic Energy
  • NETTLE ~ Healing, Justice, Luck, Protection, Courage, Confidence
  • NUTMEG ~ Life, Luck, Love, Money, Power, Attract, Psychic Ability, Divination
  • ORRIS ROOT~ Astral, Protection, Relationships, Love, Sexual Attraction
  • PATCHOULI ~ Manifestation, Peace, Luck, Love (Attract), Money, Business
  • PEPPER ~ Motivation, Lust, Justice, Bind, Security, Strength
  • PEPPERMINT ~ Dream Work, Divination, Luck, Money, Visions, Healing
  • ROSE ~ Fertility, Family, Blessings, Love, Luck, Happiness, Beginnings
  • ROSEMARY ~ Psychic Ability, Psychic Protection, Inner Power, Luck, Afterlife
  • SAGE ~ Clairvoyance, Cleansing, Visions, Clears Negativity, Business
  • SANDALWOOD ~ Focus, Concentration, Success, Luck, Moon Magick, Blessings
  • ST. JOHN'S WORT ~ Strength, Power, Money, Consecrate/Bless, Prosperity
  • SNAPDRAGON ~ Clairaudience, Emotions, Money, Protection, Assertiveness
  • STAR ANISE ~ Divination, Psychic Ability, Purification, Consecrate/ Bless
  • STRAWBERRY ~ Beauty, Desire, Luck, Love, Relationships, Divination
  • SUNFLOWER ~ Clarity, Dream Work, Solar Energy, Light, Peace, Money, Luck
  • THYME ~ Healing, Happiness, Increasing, Rebirth, Protection, Calming
  • WORMWOOD ~ Clairvoyance, Dream Work, Guidance, Psychic Ability, Spirits
  • YARROW ~ Defense, Banishing, Heartbreak, Marriage, Healing, Release, Strength

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