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Smudge Away!


You may have noticed that we've been a little low on smudge sticks these past few months, this is due to our previous smudge wholesaler being out of stock themselves.
Luckily for us we came across a new wholesaler who provides a much larger range of smudging products so we have finally restocked on all of your old favourites along with some wonderful new additions.
Our personal favourite is the Sage, Mugwort & Cedar combination pack. These smudge sticks are supreme quality and are the perfect size for individual cleansings. To take a look, just click HERE
If you have a whole lot of cleansing work to do then we've got you covered and recommend our 9 inch, supreme quality white sage smudge made by Juniper Ridge. To take a look, click HERE
To view the entire range of our lovely smudging sticks click HERE
Love, Blessings & Happy Cleansing!
Leanne xx


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