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Jewellery,Angels, Gods & Goddess Amethyst / snake Chain Angel Pendant - Variety of crystals to choose from

Angel Pendant - Variety of crystals to choose from
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These beautiful guardian angel pendants are cut from a variety of beautifully polished and carved crystals. Angels are messengers connecting us to a higher spiritual plain, for protection guidance and comfort. Carrying an angel carved from a natural crystal gemstone combines this with the metaphysical and healing properties.

Crystal Correspondences ~

Aventurine ~ Green Crystal ~ The Goddess' Crystal, Luck, Success, Money, Lifts self-imposed limits

Fluorite ~ Layered Green/Purple ~ Cleanses the aura, absorbs negativity, boosts focus and concentration, heightens intuition

Rose Quartz ~ Pale Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace

Opalite ~ Iridescent White ~ Healing, Stabilise Emotions, Allows us to realise our highest potential

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Tigers Eye ~ Gold & Brown ~ Inner Strength, Wealth, Money, Stability, Inner Calm

Turquenite ~ Turquoise ~ Relaxation, Meditation, Clear Thought

Lapis Lazuli ~ Truth, Inner Power, Organization, Family Bonds, Strength


Angel pendant measures approx 2cm tall. Comes fitted with a black, wax coated cord necklace, silver plated snake chain measuring 18 inches or velvet choker.


presented in a drawstring pouch

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