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Moonlight Necklace ~ Variety Of Designs Available

Moonlight Necklace ~ Variety Of Designs Available
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 The MoonLight Necklace is available in a range of silver plated/pewter pendants.

Suspended from your chosen main pendant is a spiral teardrop cage containing a glow in the dark orb. We at MoonChild were very impressed by just how much the orb glows.. the orb, made from resin, is charged and recharged by wear in the daylight and glows brightly as soon as the light begins to fade. 


 Pendant Metals ~

Silver Plated Pendants ~ Triquetra, Radiance Amulet, Tree Of Life, Celtic Bordered Triquetra, Celtic Bordered Pentacle, Wolf

Rhodium Silver Plated Silver Pendants (High Shine) ~ Runic Pentagram

Pewter Pendants ~ Fairy, Yin Yang


Pendant Symbolism:

Tree Of Life ~ Represents nature, the interconnectedness of all life on earth, peace

Triquetra ~ Represents the three aspects of the triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother and Crone, also the phases of the moon, which correspond to the triple goddess'; Waxing, Full and waning

Pentacle ~ An ancient symbol of protection representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within our sacred circle. The fifth, top point represents spirit and the cone of power

Radiance Amulet ~ a combination of the pentagram and crescent moon. A symbol of protection and Moon magick

Wolf ~ Strength, courage

Yin Yang ~ Representing both the light and the dark aspects within all of us, The balance of life

Fairies ~ Free Spirits, connection with magical realms

The pendant is provided with your choice of either 18-20 inch silver plated snake chain or adjustable wax coated cord necklace

Presented in a drawstring pouch.

Pendant Sizes differ depending on design but generally measure approximately : 5.5 cm (55mm) in length by 3cm (30mm) at its widest point


what makes the Orb glow? 

The resin Orb is infused with new glow in the dark technology. It is non toxic, non radioactive and requires daylight or electrical light to charge. It glows 10 times brighter and 10 times longer than previous glow in the dark technology. To quick charge your Orb simply shine your phone torch on it for around 30 seconds 



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