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Jewellery,Witch & Spell Craft,Angels, Gods & Goddess Enchanted Goddess Necklace

Enchanted Goddess Necklace
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The Enchanted Goddess Pendants are carefully made by hand ( not molds) from high quality polymer clay and hand painted & decorated in beautiful muted multi-colours within our Coven. Each goddess is unique but if you see a goddess colour that you particularly like in the gallery then please do let me know in the order comments at checkout and I will do my best to get the colours as close as possible. The same goes for the Gold/silver  detail and theban writing, if you have a colour you prefer please let me know. 

Your Goddess will be fitted with a crystal of your choice, please see below for the list of crystal colours and correspondences. You may also select an enchantment of blended herbs to be infused into the clay of your goddess. If you'd rather not have a herbal enchantment infused into your goddess then please select 'none' from the enchantment drop down menu.

If you have chosen a herbal enchantment for your goddess we will also inscribe the back of your goddess with the wording, written in Theban. This strengthens the enchantment further. Should you have opted for no enchantment then the base of your goddess will be left blank. Finished in a high shine, heat and waterproof glaze.

Crystal Correspondence list ~

Aventurine ~ Green Crystal ~ The Goddess' Crystal, Luck, Success, Money, Lifts self-imposed limits

Celestial Aura ~ Rainbow tone geode ~ increases personal power, psychic awareness, opens third eye, protection 

Carnelian ~ Red ~ Sexuality, Protection, Creativity, sharpens concentration, improves meditation

Rose Quartz ~ Pale Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace

Opalite ~ Iridescent White ~ Healing, Stabilise Emotions, Allows us to realise our highest potential

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Tigers Eye ~ Gold & Brown ~ Inner Strength, Wealth, Money, Stability, Inner Calm

Turquenite ~ Turquoise ~ Relaxation, Meditation, Clear Thought

Lapis Lazuli ~ Truth, Inner Power, Organization, Family Bonds, Strength

Each Goddess Measures Approximately 6.5cm tall, comes complete with an adjustable wax coated cotton choker plus a Satin Drawstring Pouch to keep her safe, making it an enchanting gift to give, receive or to treat yourself!

💜 please allow 3-4 working days for dispatch of this handmade item 

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