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Arcane Amethyst Wand

Arcane Amethyst Wand
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Hand made by the witches of the MoonChild Coven, this handpainted Clay wand, infused with a blend of herbs to promote positive energy, features a centrally inset Pentacle and Amethyst crystal tumbledstones set in place by surrounding spirals. The wand is wound with further clay vines and features an embossed metal hanger at the bottom and a Clear Quartz Point Termination at the top.

Finished in a heat and waterproof glaze

Measures: 26cm in length

Your wand will be cleansed and blessed before being packaged, using our own blend of herbs and resins

Crystal Correspondances:

Clear Quartz ~ Amplifies personal power, gives clear thought, offers powerful protection, cleanses negative energy

Amethyst - Spiritual awareness, magnifies psychic power, brings self knowledge and insight, attracts good luck


Please allow 2-3 working days for dispatch of this handmade item 



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