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Here at MoonChild we offer a range of Jewellery to suit every budget. Our most popular range remains our silver plated items of Jewellery. Plated jewellery lasts considerably less time than sterling silver, hence the huge price difference but there are ways to best care for your plated jewellery so it stays in tip top condition for as long as possible.


So, what's the big difference between Sterling silver and silver plated?

items contain a minimum of 92.5% pure silver. Silver-plated items are made of a lesser quality metal and then covered with a thin layer of silver, making them less valuable than objects made of sterling silver. Sterling silver will last for a long time if cared for properly, whereas silver-plating will tarnish in a shorter time.


How can I keep my silver plated jewellery in good condition?

The first and most important answer to this question is; don't get it wet! Allowing moisture to come in contact with silver plated jewellery is a big no no as it will quite quickly remove the plating, allowing the metal beneath to be exposed and cause discolouration.


Be sure your plated jewellery never comes into contact with:

  • Water (Shower, baths, swimming baths)
  • Damp surfaces
  • Oils (body lotions, tanning creams etc)
  • Sweat ( the salt in sweat will over time remove the plating)


Is there anything I can do to ensure that my plated jewellery lasts longer?

There are sprays and varnishes available that coat your plated jewellery, making it less vunerable to tarnishing. This will extend the life of your jewellery, especially when also taking care not to expose your jewellery to any of the items on the list above.


I have a known allergy to plated metals, will yours be safe to wear?

At MoonChild we are careful to ensure that our plated jewellery does not contain base metals such as nickel as this is a known irritant for people suffering metal allergies. This being said, if you have ever had any kind of adverse reaction to plated jewellery,  we always strongly advise you to wear only sterling silver jewellery. We have a wide range available on our website including popular versions of our handcrafted designs.

Please remember that whilst the majority of people experience no problems with plated jewellery, if you do have a metal allergy the reactions can be more severe each time you expose your skin to them so please don't take take any chances with your health.