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Bewitchery Botanical Oils

Bewitchery Botanical Oils
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My Botanical Oils are made to order, ensuring optimum freshness. The blends are made to my own unique, concentrated blends, designed to both smell magical and harbour magical properties.

The Oils come in 10ml glass bottles with roller balls for easy, non spill application. The bottles are fitted with a black top and are finished with labels on the back and front, stating what the oil is for and application directions.

I only use the highest quality coconut and Argan base oils and 100% pure essential oils in our blends. There are no nasty chemicals whatsoever. The combination of Argan and Coconut oils create a truly luxurious base for the blends, which allows for optimum absorption of the essential oils and a smooth application which leaves the skin soft and moisturised.

The blends are made to a 2% dilution which is generally safe for even sensitive skin but do perform a test on a small area of skin before use.

Each oil features its own unique blend of essential oils and is also infused and charged with herbs, flowers and crystals which further correspond to the intention of the oil. The crystal chips are visible in each vial but will be kept safely inside due to the roller ball.



Equanimity (Inner Peace) ~ A tranquil blend Of Rose Geranium and May Chang charged with Rose Quartz crystals

Moon Goddess ~ A sleep inducing blend of Lavender and Sandalwood, charged with aura purifying Amethyst crystal

Ritual ~ This magical blend of patchouli and sage, charged with Aventurine Crystal cleanses you of negative energy, amplifies energy and attracts success.

Sun Goddess ~ Sharpen your senses with this awakening blend of Lemongrass and Peppermint, infused with carnelian crystal for focus and concentration


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