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Bewitchery Charm Pouch ~ Summoning

Bewitchery Charm Pouch ~ Summoning
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A Bewitchery Charm pouch, hand blended by our coven to summon benevolent spirits. Including ~

  • Velvet Drawstring Pouch filled with Hand Blended Magical Herbs, Woods, Flowers and Resins
  • A High Grade Crystal, Cleansed and Charged by the full Moon to correspond with the spell you choose
  • A Wearable Silver Plated Pentagram Pendant
  • A brown kraft label, attached to the bag, with the name of your blend written in Theban (spells and wording written in Theban are infinitely more powerful) on one side and in English on the other.

The charm bag comes neatly packaged in a cellophane pouch

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