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Bewitchery Crystal Set ~ Healing

Bewitchery Crystal Set ~ Healing
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A Black organza Charm pouch containing a set of three crystals for Healing. The crystals come with a 3ml bottle of annointing oil. The annointing oil comes in a little glass bottle with pipette dropper for non mess application


  • Lapis Lazuli ~ Heals supressed thoughts, feelings, diseases. Master healing crystal in both physical and spiritual sense
  • Amethyst ~ Master healing crystal, offers powerful protection, absorbs and dispels negative energy
  • Rose Quartz ~ Offers mental, physical and spiritual healing, promotes self love

Directions: Dress your crystals with annointing oil (one drop per crystal will suffice) and place on a windowsill or outdoors in the light of the full moon each month. This will charge your crystals and keep them working to the best of their ability

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