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Chakra Energy Wand ~ Handmade

Chakra Energy Wand ~ Handmade
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You will receive the exact Wand seen in the photos. New photos are taken of each Wand I make 

This Stunning Clay Wand, handmade and painted in dark oak tone at MoonChild is infused with herbs to promote positive energy and is inset with full sized tumblestones which correspond with the Chakra points and features a Quartz Point Termination At Each End. The Crystals are all held in place by clay spirals and vines wound around the length of the wand. 

Measures: 26cm in length

Before sending, your wand will be cleansed and blessed using our own resin and herbal blend


Crystal Correspondances:

Crown ~ Clear Quartz ~ Amplifies personal power, clear thought

Third Eye - Sodalite - Spiritual awareness, psychic power, self knowledge and insight.

Throat - Aquamarine - Promotes communication, flow of sound and self-expression.

Heart - Zoisite - Love, forgiveness, compassion and relationships.

Solar Plexus - Citrine - Promotes intuition, intellect, ambition and personal power.

Sacral - Red Jasper - Helps passion, endurance, creativity, strength and vitality.

Base - Tigers eye - Helps with physical energy, stability, security, grounding and patience.



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