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Create Your Own Roller Blend

Create Your Own Roller Blend
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Create your own WitchCrafted botanical blend. Select your three essential oils from the drop down menu and I will create your skin safe potion, blended into an almond oil base, along with crystals, roots and flowers which compliment the energy of the oils you have chosen 

If two or more oils that you wish to choose are in the same drop down menu or if you are creating the oil for a specific magical purpose please feel free to text me with details of the oils/magical property that you would like on 07903077707. 

your blend will arrive in a 10ml roller bottle, presented in a grip seal window bag 


Magical Properties of listed Essential Oils: 

Ylang Ylang ~ Attraction, Love, eliminates anxiety, eases fear, depression. Promotes peace and tranquility


Jasmine ~ Aphrodisiac, love, prophetic dreams, Prosperity


Rose ~ Love, Blessings, passion, beauty


Geranium ~ wards off negative energy, restores balance, dispels demons, chakra balancing


Ravensara ~ anti anxiety, promotes courage, healing, protection


Lavender ~ healing, tranquility, love


Patchouli ~ money drawing, love, passion, protection, balance, prosperity


Ho wood ~ healing, promotes peace, anti depressant, uplifting


Lemon balm ~ spiritual and psychic enhancement, reduces stress and anxiety, Aura cleansing, happiness, love, success


Peppermint ~ cleansing, consecration, dream Magick, amplifies psychic ability, healing, protection


Juniper ~ banishes evil, cleansing, protection, healing, love


Vetiver ~ stabilises the emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes self esteem, uplifting, eases insomnia, clears negative energy, increases focus

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