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Crystal Point Energy Ring

Crystal Point Energy Ring
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The Crystal Point Energy Ring features an adjustable silver plated ring, enabling it to fit any finger size. Bound to the ring by silver plated wire is a high grade crystal point of your choice.

The list of correspondences for each crystal are as follows:

Crystal Colours & Correspondences ~

  • Clear Quartz ~ Transparent ~ Master Healer, Protection, Amplifies the power of nearby crystals
  • Onyx ~ Black ~ overcoming grief, wisdom, helps to encourage good choices, calms negativity, confidence


  • Rose Quartz ~ Pale Pink ~ Love, Healing, Inner Peace


  • Opalite ~ Pearlescent White ~ Healing, Stabilise Emotions, Allows us to realise our highest potential


  • Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction


  • Tigers Eye ~ Gold & Brown ~ Inner Strength, Wealth, Money, Stability, Inner Calm


  • Turquenite ~ Turquoise ~ Relaxation, Meditation, Clear Thought

  • Lapis Lazuli ~ Blue With Gold Flecks ~ Inner Power, Protection, Strength, Calming

Presented in a drawstring pouch

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