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Jewellery,Witch & Spell Craft Amethyst Enchanted Crystal Choker

Enchanted Crystal Necklace
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The Enchanted Crystal Necklace features a silver plated bale holding a crystal point of your choice.

The pendant is fitted to a black ribbon & cord  combination necklace with extender chain (Previously velvet choker)

presented in a drawstring pouch.


Crystal Colours & Correspondences ~

Citrine ~ Amber/Orange ~ Increases personal power and energy, attracts wealth

Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Protection, Healing, Ending Addiction

Fluorite ~ Blended Purple/Green/Blue ~ Cleansing aura, purifying surroundings, healing, improves mental abilities

Malachite ~ Spiritual and Intellectual Growth, Absorbs Negative Energy, Peace, Harmony, Love, Protection

Enchanted Crystal Pendant Measures : 4.2cm in length

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