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Incense Cones,Incense, Oils & Accessories Incense & Spell Work Blend ~ Negativity Clearing

Incense & Spell Work Blend ~ Negativity Clearing
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The Negativity Clearing blend comes directly from our own book of shadows and is handblended by the witches of the moonchild coven, using the finest quality resins, herbs and oils. Our WitchCrafted Manifestation Blend has so many wonderful uses, such as in spell herbs, charm pouches and to burn as incense when placed on a lit charcoal disc. The mixture can be used, in any form, to assist in negativity clearing your desires. For example, pass your crystals through the smoke of the incense to cleanse them, use to cleanse your sacred space before ritual or add to a charm sachet.

Your negativity clearing blend comes in a cork topped glass potion bottle to keep your  magickal mixture fresh (plus they look super witchy!). The bottle measures 5cm high and 2cm wide. The bottle measures 6cm high when you include the height given by the cork. The cork is topped with spell candle wax and pressed with pentagram print



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