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Hedgewitch Apothecary ~ Lip Magick Balm

Hedgewitch Apothecary ~ Lip Magick Balm
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Lip Magick lip balm is made by Leanne, here at MoonChild. When it comes from the witch’s kitchen, you can be sure that It contains 100% Natural & organic ingredients. No synthetic flavorings, no chemicals, no nasties.. just pure nature to Heal, soothe and maintain lip health. Say goodbye to sore, cracked & dry lips! 

This natural blend uses the highest quality ingredients to give you perfectly nourished, smooth and healthy lips. Use on its own or as a base to your lipstick to both cute and prevent dry lips. 

The blend contains the following ingredients: 

  • Organic Shea butter 
  • Organic Coconut oil 
  • Yellow Beeswax sourced from Devon 
  • Argan Oil 
  • Certified Raw Organic Acacia Honey 
  • 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil 
  • 100% Pure Chamomile Essential Oil 
  • 100% Pure Lemon Balm Essential Oil 
  • 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil 


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