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Witch & Spell Craft Magickal Mist ~ Luna Alchemy

Magickal Mist ~ Luna Alchemy
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Magickal mists are made here at MoonChild, to our own unique, concentrated blends, designed to both smell magical and harbour magical properties.

The mist comes in a large 50ml Blue glass bottle, protecting the contents from harmful light which results in a less effective spray. The bottles are fitted with a spray cap, topper and are finished with parchment labels on the back and front, hessian twine and a crescent moon charm

We only use the highest quality distilled water, rubbing alcohol ( to protect from spoiling and to allow the oils to disperse and linger correctly) and 100% pure essential oils in our blends. There are no nasty chemicals whatsoever.

This carefully selected blend of Ylang Ylang (Full Moon), Patchouli (Waxing Moon) and Rosemary (Waning Moon) essential oils charged by Clear quartz and Moonstone crystal, bring the energy of each Moon phase to your magickal workings.

The blend contains an essential oil which corresponds to each phase of the Moon. Along with the powerful charge of Moonstone and Clear Quartz Crystal, energy raised in your spell work is amplified.

To Use:

Spray your mist around yourself, your sacred space and your Magickal Tools, herbs, resins and Crystals, using as much or as little as you see fit, although a little goes a long way.





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