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Flower Power Transformation Tea

Flower Power Transformation Tea
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Transformation Tea consists of a witchcrafted blend of butterfly pea flowers, Chamomile and hibiscus. The natural colours of the flowers turns your brew into a magical purple potion that boasts extensive health and well-being benefits. I created this blend to promote weight loss, improve digestion and reduce bloating, whilst simultaneously working to improve skin and hair health, relieve stress and support your body in staying healthy with the help of the antioxidant rich flowers included. 

Comes with 5 Eco diffuser bags to get you started. 

A break down of the ingredients: 

Butterfly Pea Flower: This wonder flower is my very favourite when it comes to herbal tea. Butterfly pea flower is packed with antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and prevent cancer cell growth. It boasts a tremendous amount of health benefits including, but not limited to, improving skin and hair health, stabilising blood sugar levels and promotion of weight loss. 

 Studies have shown that butterfly pea flower extract may slow the formation of fat cells by regulating certain pathways involved in cell progression and may also block the synthesis of fat cells in the body. 

Chamomile: Boosts your weight loss efforts and also helps to reduce bloating. Chamomile  tea stimulates the gastric juices which help to break down the food you eat, leading to faster digestion. Chamomile tea is also rich in calcium and potassium. Chamomile is also well known to help treat diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels.

Hibiscus flower: Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants destroy free radicals in your body. Free radicals cause damage to cells that contribute to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Hibiscus also supports liver health, lowers cholesterol and promotes weight loss as part of a healthy diet 

Each bag contains 25 grams.

Recommended Brew: 2 teaspoons, left to steep for 5-10 minutes (depending on your preferred strength) is recommended for the perfect witches brew! This blend is intended to be enjoyed without milk. 

Recommended Daily intake: twice daily 

 As with all herbal remedies, please consult a medical practitioner beforehand if you are currently taking any medications that may interact with the ingredients in this blend. 

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