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Are We Exactly Where We Need To Be?

Greetings MoonChildren ,
We have all heard the saying that 'we are exactly where we need to at any given moment'. I have always been a strong believer in this regardless of rocky times in life that have felt, at the time, that it was the last place I wanted or needed to be. Every time I can recall that felt unfair has put me directly on the path to something better.
The last few days have really gotten me thinking about this as I have had a rather unusual few weeks. Maybe this was the Mercury retrograde getting in one last dig before going back into hiding for a while.. or maybe this was universe attempting to shake me up a little. I'll admit, between taking care of my two boys and running MoonChild I've become a bonafide hermit for the past 4 years. This to me, has not registered as being a problem as the two things that have led to my self inflicted solitude are the two things that I love most passionately in my life.. My children and my work.
This brings forth the question, are we always exactly where we need to be, or do we NEED to be shaken up once in a while? Will the universe let us know, or indeed force the required changes upon us if needs be?
Honestly, I have never been happier than where I am right at this moment and feel that I am on exactly the right path, so why then would I have any desire to shake things up? Maybe it's not about shaking things up.. maybe I'm just standing still and there is more to discover further on down this road. There is always the possibility, when moving from a place of perceived safety, that we will encounter people, situations or experiences that may hurt us. I feel that I am spiritually enlightened enough to acknowledge that these experiences are lessons, a longterm blessing in disguise. On the other hand, I am also human enough to attempt to avoid these lessons, as a defence mechanism.
The lessons of the past few weeks, whether initiated by the universe or the beloved (ahem) Mercury retrograde, have indeed been a blessing in disguise. Although I have questioned on more than one occassion why I was leaving my comfort zone, I am so glad that I did.
The moral of this post, from my perspective, is to accept changes and lessons that the universe has to offer. Even if you only leave your safe place temporarily, you will be all the richer for it.
Let Go and Trust The Universe!
Love and Blessings
Leanne xx

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  • Christine Manders on


    I have found that being content with what I have and not be endlessly searching for more makes me happy. And by that I mean material things. Spiritually I am growing at such a rate if knots it scares me and I try to slow things down. I wish I had found my spiritual self earlier in my life but I doubt I would have appreciated what the universe is teaching me each and every day. Blessed be Leanne )0(

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