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Greetings MoonChildren,
Tonight is the full snow moon and our coven is busily preparing for tonights ritual. Choosing spells and blessings, crystals and candles to use tonight. Our book is packed full of spells, charms and learnings..which we frequently pass on to our customers when asked for advice. Our book is old and precious to us but we are in no way secretive in regards to the wealth of knowledge within it. What is the point in such a wonderful source of knowledge only being available to the witches of one coven?
It got me thinking that maybe there are others out there who would like to share their knowledge and how lovely it would be if we shared this together in our blog. If you've got a spell , correspondence list, potion blend or even a poem..we would love to hear it and share it in our blog of shadows. We'll start up blog categories as we go along and gather more of your posts.
Who Knows? Maybe our Blog Of Shadows will one day become a MoonChild Book Of Shadows, created by us and you, our friends and customers :)
If you have anything at all you'd like to send in then please feel free to leave it in the comments below, message me on our Facebook page or you can Email me at Once received I'll copy and paste it onto the blog.
Love, Blessings and Witchy Wishes
Leanne xx

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