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Blue Moon Magick & The Mercury Retrograde

What Is A Blue Moon?
This March 31st brings with it the second full moon of the month. Despite its name, a Blue Moon doesn't mean that the moon will actually appear blue in colour. We do occassionally see actual blue (in colour) moons but this happens when a volcanic eruption, fire or similar atmospheric condition occurs, leaving particles and giving the moon a bluish tinge. This isn't what's happening tonight but I thought I'd clear that up before we go on.
A blue moon is when we see two full moons in one calendar month. This doesn't happen very often, hence the term 'Once in a blue moon'. That being said, we were treated to a super blue blood moon in January of this year!
What is a Mercury Retrograde?
From March 23rd until April 15th, Mercury will be in retrograde. When this occurs, generally several times per year, it appears as if Mercury is going backwards. Mercury retrogrades are traditionally associated with things going a little (OK, a lot) awry. Delays, Confusions, cancellations and general disappointments can be expected.
This is most certainly not a time to plan any extensive travel, sign contracts, buy a house or set any important plans for the future in motion, as you may find yourself regretting those decisions before too long.
As doom and gloom as it all may sound, a mercury retrograde isnt an entirely bad thing. Rather than looking at the negative aspects, instead try to see this as an opportunity for reflection and consideration. Are you happy with yourself, your job, your life in general? Is there anything that you'd like to work to improve? Now is the perfect time for a little soul searching and some pre-planning. Just be sure not to set any of your plans into motion until after Mercury has gone direct again.
Spell Casting With Caution
The full moon is usually a wonderful time for cleansing and charging tools and crystals, creating charms and casting spells. On the 31st, the full moon will be in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. This would usually be an ideal time to cast spells to do with love. Although, with Mercury in Retograde you may cast a spell to find or attract true love and end up with a true pain in the posterior!
Even with the best intention and focus, spell work performed during this time can have less than desirable results or may even backfire completely.
Although not all witches will agree, my advice and indeed my own plans include using this time to reflect, revise and review.
Things To Do:
Intuition and psychic ability is amplified during a Mercury retrograde. Tap into this intuition and plan ahead for spells that will benefit you. Record these planned spells in your book of shadows but wait until Mercury goes direct to cast them.
Spend time researching and recording crystals, herbs and correspondences. There is always something new and useful to learn and keeping records of correspondences almost always come in handy for future spell work.
 If you keep a dream journal, now is a good time to review it. Mercury helps us to realise things that may be wrong and gives us a new perspective to how we would usually view things. Dreams that didn't make sense at the time may now take on a whole new meaning and become clear during a retrograde.
Mercury is a messenger to the divine, when in retrograde the messages that we send to our Gods and Goddesses during spell work can be misinterpreted and cause backfire,manifesting situations that we hadn't intended. Rather than focusing on sending messages, take the time to look inside yourself. This can be both enlightening and magical!
Light some candles, incense, put on some relaxing music and sit quietly or meditate in a place you won't be disturbed. Focusing on removing spiritual blockages that may be holding you back from your true potential in both Magick and daily life. Buried thoughts, feelings and emotion will be much closer to the surface during a mercury retrograde, making these blockages more easily accessible.
Focus on rooting yourself to the Earth rather than invoking divine or universal energy. With Each inhale, take in the Earths positive energy and with each exhale, release negative energy. Have a sage smudge burning nearby to cleanse and disperse any negative energy surrounding you.
Magick Despite Mercury
If you've decided that you still want to go ahead with your spell work, plan carefully, well in advance. Think about the herbs, crystals and oils you will be using. Ingredients that correspond to Mercury will be more difficult to work with during this time and are more likely to negatively effect the outcome of your spellwork. 
Plan your wording just as carefully. As mentioned earlier, during a Mercury retrograde the messages we send to divine can be misinterpreted or taken too literally. Go over your spell wording several times to ensure that nothing may be construed in terms other than those intended. 
Ensure that you are feeling calm, relaxed and confident before beginning your magical workings. The success of our spell work is strongly tied to our emotions and the energy that we raise throughout.
Blessed Be,
Leanne xx


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