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Super Blue Blood Moon


It has finally arrived, the night of the Super Blue Blood Moon! A combination of the three elements (Super/Blue/Blood) haven't been seen together for 152 years. This is set to be a powerful night, for which I've written a dedicated spell. Firstly, lets break down what it all means..

Why is it Super?

A supermoon is a full moon that coincides with the closest distance that the Moon reaches to Earth in its orbit, this means that our beautiful powerhouse in the sky appears larger and brighter than on a regular full moon night

Why is it Blue?

Despite its name, a Blue Moon doesn't mean that the moon will actually appear blue in colour. We do occassionally see actual blue (in colour) moons but this happens when a volcanic eruption, fire or similar atmospheric condition occurs, leaving particles and giving the moon a bluish tinge. This isn't what's happening tonight but I thought I'd clear that up before we go on.

A blue moon is when we see two full moons in one calendar month. This doesn't happen very often, hence the term 'Once in a blue moon'.

Why is it a Blood Moon?

Tonight, the moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow to create a total lunar eclipse. While in the Earth's shadow, the moon can take on a reddish, Amber or copper tone, hence the term 'Blood Moon'.

Magickal correspondences:

Whether we are able to see the moon or not tonight, her maginificent power will have a hold over and affect us all. Heightening our spiritual energy, making us more self aware and amplifying our psychic abilities will be only a few of her affects.

You may find yourself experiencing a range of confusing emotions and sensitivity to things that may not usually affect you at all. This is due to the Eclipse/Blood element of tonights moon; it can feel as though you have been shaken up spiritually and are able to suddenly recognise things about yourself/your life that aren't quite right. Take advantage of this awakening and embrace any thoughts and/or feelings that you may have. Writing them down in your Book Of Shadows so that you are able to re-call and revisit the lessons of tonights full moon.

Tonight, the moon will be in the sign of Leo, giving us confidence,strength and Empowerment, combined with a powerful dose of feminine lunar energy.

Onto the Spell Work..

This magical moon is a wonderful time to cast spells to tranform your life for the better, perform powerful divinatory work and charge your tools and crystals to full strength!

With the transformation aspect in mind, I have written a spell to help you along. for amplified success, add in candles (in a colour to correspond with your chosen desire), Incorporate crystals geared toward Moon Magick such as Moonstone and Selenite or maybe add a little mugwort to your ritual herbs (for amplified moon magick), if you have some on hand.

Set up your Altar, candles, crystals and cast a circle in your usual way. Repeat the following:

Super Blue Blood Moon energy rise,
Come forth to me through witching skies
Astral magick, Karmic force,
Flow through me from this most powerful source
Luck and prosperity I ask to dwell
In this place as I cast my spell.
Grant unto me the manifestation
Of the spoken word in my incantation
By Earth, by Air, by Wind and Fire
May this enchantment rise to guidance higher
May the ...... I seek be granted to me
As I will It, So Mote It Be!
Wishing you all a blessed and magickal full moon night!
Blessed Be
Leanne xx






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