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Coexist. From A Place Of Love

Greetings MoonChildren,
This morning I made a post on our Facebook page, I will add the link to our page below for anyone who isn't already a MoonChild Facebook fan and would like to be.
I came across an image online that got me thinking (Below). Although I agreed that throughout history the topic had been a sore point within the Pagan and Witch community, and rightly so, it got me thinking about how things are rapidly changing. How we are rapidly becoming so much more enlightened and accepting of eachothers belief systems. This, in part is due to social media and the many pages that give us the information and understanding that had too long been hidden.
^ The Image and text that got me thinking ^
On our very own Facebook page I have seen the changes take place. Initially we had many more negative comments and inbox messages.. At one point this even led me to question my own openess about my identity as a Witch. I am so glad that I remained out of the broom closet as several years have since passed and I am now the proud owner of a diverse Facebook community. We have people from all walks of life from a mixture of religions and belief systems and we all just seem to gel. Very rarely do I come across arguments or upsets on our Facebook anymore as we are all accepting of eachothers differing beliefs, and what a wonderful feeling that is!
As I mentioned on my post, we all have a passion, a flame that burns for something and nobody has the right to attempt to extinguish that flame. By being open about our passions and belief systems we teach others about who we really are. At the core of Witchcraft and Paganism, for me, is a deep love of nature, a passion to care for Mother Earth and a longing to help and to heal others. I feel that I have brought something special to the internet in creating the Facebook page as it has gathered together a group of open minded, beautiful individuals who are on the very same page in terms of sharing the love, light and positive energy of the universe.
I truly believe that the majority of people who search to hurt and scold others based on a differing religious opinion do so as they are coming from a place of misinformation and fear. By coming from a place of love we win by default as no amount of anger or hatred can speak louder than love. We all have that place of love within us, we all have families, friends, pets or passions that we speak fondly of, that we defend because we care deeply about them. The only real difference is that we don't take to the streets or the internet in protest because we believe that our pet (just an example) is better than somebody elses and is therefore the only pet that should be owned and loved. We are all diverse, there is no wrong or right way in terms of religion. This monotheistic mindset has divided and destroyed our bond as human beings in the past but I truly believe that, albeit slowly, this is changing, that we are moving forward. 
The tree of life is a wonderful example. Its branches reach out in so many directions, stretching far and wide but those branches, no matter how long, strong or wide are all connected to the same trunk. That trunk is rooted to and fed by our precious Earth. This perfectly represents our interconnectedness and shows us why it is important to come together and protect our common interest, the world in which we live.
As im writing this im sitting in my swing chair in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather and admiring my flowers. The flowers are a mixture of types, colours and height, yet they are all happily sat in the border together, sharing the nourishment that the earth offers them and soaking up the suns strength. I guess what I'm saying is let's be more like the flowers and share in what Mother Earth offers us, life is too short to take that for granted. We are all blessed, whatever our path may be!
Love, Light and Bright Blessings!
Leanne xx

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  • carole hugbes on

    Always wanted to become a witch, your words here are extremely inspiational, and makes so much more sense than the religions out there…

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