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Crystal Cleansing & Charging

The Earth is filled with and creates so much beauty for us to enjoy. It is all around us each and every day and is often taken for granted as we go about our busy day to day lives. The opening of a flower, the outstretched arms of ancient trees, the blue sky dotted with cotton clouds above us.. it all becomes commonplace, mundane even. The earth does not belong to us but it is ours to take care of whilst we're here and we should strive to connect with its magick. One of the ways in which we can do this is through the use of crystals.

Crystals and minerals, created by Mother Earth in a variety of beautiful colours and textures, possess some of the most potent magick to be found. To unlock and utilise this magick there are some simple steps that should be followed to ensure that your crystals work to the best of their ability.


Each crystal has its own vibration and is capable of absorbing energy that it is exposed to, be it positive or negative. As soon as you bring a new crystal into your home it is always best to cleanse it of any negative energy that it may have absorbed on its journey to you.

Smudge Sticks: One of the simplest and most effective ways to cleanse a crystal is with a sage smudge stick. Simply light your smudge stick, wait for 10 seconds or so, blow it out and pass your crystal through the resulting smoke. As you pass your crystal through the smoke you may wish to speak a few words, voicing your intention, such as 'I cleanse this crystal of all negative energy. May it be pure and clean, free from harmful vibrations'.

Ensure that you have an abalone shell or fireproof dish nearby so that you are able to set the smudge stick to one side when you're finished.

Smudging Spray: If you'd prefer not to use a smudge stick then a smudging spray will work just as well. I make my own which is available for purchase on our wesbite



Once you have cleansed your crystal it will now be ready to be charged. There are many ways in which to do this but I'll outline my favourite methods below:

Full Moonlight: Place your crystal outside or on a windowsill in the light of a full moon; this will allow the crystal to absorb the moons energy whilst in its most powerful phase. It is best to repeat this each month to keep your crystal at its most powerful.

Herbs, Salts & Oils: Between each full moon, I keep my crystals on a bed of Dried Mugwort and Selenite chips. Both of these correspond powerfully with moon magick and help to keep magickal energy from depleting. Along with the Mugwort and selenite I add in some dried lavender flowers, Rose petals and himalayan salt. this blend is available on our website as part of our crystal charging chest.


Growing up, I was fascinated by thunder and lightning, not only for the beautiful sounds and displays of power in the skies but for the feelings of potent magick that never failed to stir within me. I now understand that it wasn't just a feeling or innocent wonder but a truly powerful energy. Placing your crystals outdoors in a thunderstorm, preferably in a puddle, will super charge it with intense energy. 


Focusing Your Intention

Once cleansed and charged it is important to focus your intention upon your crystal. A single crystal can have a multitude of correspondences. Amethyst, for example, is a powerful protection crystal, a wonderful healer and amplifies psychic ability, to name just a few of its talents.

It is therefore important to focus on the manifestation that you wish to bring to the forefront so that your crystal can work to the best of its ability. To focus your intention, take your cleansed and charged crystal, hold it in your hand and focus on your desired outcome. See in your minds eye the end goal coming to fruition. Feel the emotions that come with your desire and focus all of this into your chosen crystal for best results.

Ensure that the crystals you wish to work with are cleansed and charged each month to ensure that their vibration and energy remain at optimum levels.

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  • Shayla Rei Shelton on

    Just love your products as you can tell I made 3 orders 3 days in a row lol and the psychic awareness spray smells just divine and so does the chakra balancing oil and the summoning spray from the Bewitchery absolutely love them will definitely be a repeat customer xoxox love & light xoxox

  • Teresa Hunt on

    This looks a loverly site , hoping to buy soon .

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