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New Category Launched Today

Greetings MoonChildren!
Today I finally got around to launching the Witch Crafted One Off Category. This new category is filled with unique designs, whereby only 1 of each is available..once they're gone they're gone forever so it's best to check back regularly to see whats available.
One of the designs that we were very close to putting into mainstream production was the Triquetra Glow Vial ( see image below). We decided against it as we use the blue vials on another popular necklace design on our website. We uploaded the design to the one off page and it sold within minutes.
This afternoon we've received messages from customers eager to purchase one but unfortunately we are unable to make more as we promise our Witch Crafted One Off customers that they are receiving a unique design that only they will have. This is why it's best to keep a look out on the page as it really is first come, first served with this category.
The sought after necklace in question!...
If you'd like to take a look at the category simply click the link below to be whisked away!
Love, Light & Bright Blessings To All!
Leanne xx



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  • Susan Wright on

    Please could i have a copy of your new line esp the moon with the healing stone. Something for my hubby how has a benign tumor x

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