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Trick or Treat.. In July!

Greetings MoonChildren,
This week has been a busy one at MoonChild. If you're a fan of our Facebook page ( then you'll know we have a slight obsession with all things Halloween, especially Pumpkins!
This week we started buying our Halloween stock ready for October. We like to get in early to make sure we get everything we think you'll love and then grab any new additions closer to the time. Anyway, as I was adding the stock to our website I began thinking how wonderful it would be to have a website dedicated to our Halloween stock..a website in Halloween themed colours with a category for exclusive Witch Crafted Jewellery that was more gothic and spooky in appearance than what we have on offer on this, our MoonChild Spiritual Emporium website. Most (sane) people at this point would think no, we already have a lovely website and our customers are happy with the way it is! Then there's me..who had the web address and website set up along with the start of our stock and that brand new jewellery category..and all in under a week! Phew
Somewhere around mid week when I was in the thick of setting it all up, whilst taking, making and shipping orders for MoonChild, I did wonder to myself what I'd gotten myself into! Thankfully the design and majority of the work for the website is now complete and I'm so glad I did it. Our exclusive Halloween Emporium jewellery is already flying off the virtual shelves and the customers who I've spoken to about the website absolutely love it.
We currently have the witching hour bracelet on the Halloween Emporium for just £11.99. This is a special offer price to celebrate the opening of the new website so grab one within the next few weeks if you like them! Around mid August the price will go back to the normal £18.99. Click the link below to take a look!
Another Bracelet that I designed this week is possibly one of my favourite that we have ever had for sale; The Pumpkin Patch Bracelet. The bracelet features genuine amber bell charms, handpressed clay leaves and a beautiful selection of high quality charms. To take a look click the link below!
You can find the Halloween Emporium by clicking the link on our homepage, which can be found on the top menu or you can click the link below to go and take a look.
Love and Blessings,
Leanne xx

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