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Greetings MoonChildren!

Today is Litha, our longest day and that of the Sun God reaching full strength. Tonight our coven will be performing a fire ritual. With that in mind I thought it might be nice to write a quick blog to share our plans with you.

We will be decorating our altar with an array of flowers and candles in reds, oranges and yellows to represent the Sun God. We will also be gathering herbs from our garden, some to place fresh on the Altar and some to dry. Litha is a lovely time to gather your magickal herbs from the garden as they will have soaked in the suns strongest energy.

Our fragrance incense will be an essential oil blend of Lemon, Frankincense and Sandalwood. We will also have an incense spell work blend of dried herbs and resins including mugwort, thyme and amber.

Once we've set out our Altar, cast our circle, called quarters and welcomed deity we will light an orange candle and give thanks to the Sun for the ripening fruit and bounty being provided this year. We will then enjoy a glass of wine (you can swap this for herbal tea if you refrain from alcohol) and some fresh fruit.

We will then move on to our empowerment ritual. Litha represents confidence, strength and growth so is a perfect time to cast spells relating to manifestion and moving forwards with plans.

Focus on something that you've been longing for. Maybe a lack of self confidence or fear of failure has held you back from completing a task or beginning something brand new?  Today makes for the perfect time to dedicate yourself to moving forwards over the next 6 months. Below I've shared with you my own spell, written to manifest confidence. It's easy to cast and you need very little in the way of supplies.

Whatever your plans for tonight, I wish you a magical Litha. May you be Blessed with Love and Light!

Bright Blessings

Leanne xx


MoonChild Confidence Spell

You will need:

  • Orange Spell Candle
  • Carnelian Crystal


Create a circle around the candle using the red/orange/yellow flowers from your altar and place your carnelian crystal somewhere within the circle.

Now light your spell candle

Focus on your intent as you say these words…

“I charge you by the Power of the Litha Sun, on this day of divine energy. I ask that you assist in helping me to grow to the fullest of my potential. May the confidence, strength and will power I require be granted to me.  As I will it, so mote it be!”

Sit and focus for a while longer. Imagine a Brilliant white light surrounding you, a barrier against all harm, both physical and emotional, feel it manifesting.

Now leave your candle to burn down completely in a safe place. Once this is done, carry your crystal with you for at least 7 days then keep in a safe place


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