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Greetings MoonChildren!

 I’m regularly asked questions on both our website and social media pages about how to cast spells. I always begin with the importance of circle casting. More often than not people are unaware of the importance of this step and the reasons behind it. Here I have written instructions for casting a circle. If you don't have all of the tools and herbs needed to cast the circle, I have put together a full kit, complete with the instructions below, to give you a helping hand. You can purchase the kit via the buy button attached to the end of this blog post.

For those of you who already possess the tools required, below are my full circle casting instructions. I wanted to share these with you, free of charge, as the importance of this step cannot be underestimated. Amongst many other important reasons for circle casting, if purchasing spell kits from us, a circle will make it infinitely more successful.

Love and Light

Leanne xx


Circle Casting
It is always best, before any magickal work is performed, to cast a circle. There are two main reasons for doing so. Firstly, the circle offers protection from negative energy and entities which, without the circle, would be able to enter the sacred space and cause havoc in both our spell work and within our own energy field.
Secondly, the circle acts as a cone of power (hence the hat of a witch being cone shaped). Once cast there is will be a boundary of energy around your circle. This doesn’t go straight up, it forms a cone shape, with the top point being in the very centre of your circle. As we chant, cast spells, sing, dance or even talk inside our circle it raises energy. Without a properly cast circle this energy cannot build, it will simply disperse, making your spell work much less effective. With a sacred circle cast the energy will build at the top of the cone, gathering until we are ready to release and visualise it being sent to the place we most need it to go.
There are many ways to cast a circle, many calls to the watchtowers and to various deities from across the pantheons. You may only identify as a witch and not with any Gods or Goddesses so may not wish to invite deity to your circle. We have included this step as we work closely with various  Gods & Goddesses within our coven, the ones whom we invite for each ritual depends on the spell work involved and who will best aide us to reach our goal. You can simply invite the Goddess should you wish to.

Step 1:
Find a quiet, safe place where you wont be interrupted. Decide on where the boundaries of your circle will be.
Take your Element (Watchtower) crystals from your kit. Place them in their correct direction around the boundary of your circle as follows. You may need a compass to determine the correct position of the element crystals. Place your Spirit crystal and success herbal blend in the centre of your circle. Place Your Beeswax candle in a suitable holder and Light.
Earth ~ Aventurine ~ Green ~ North
Air ~ Citrine ~ Yellow ~ East
Fire ~ Fire Agate/Mookaite ~ Red/Brown ~ South
Water ~ Turquenite ~ Blue ~ West
Spirit ~ Amethyst ~ Purple ~ Helps to raise energy in circle
Call On The Watchtowers by saying:
Water, Fire, Air and Earth,
Elements Of Astral Birth
I Call To Thee To Attend My Rite
By The Light Of The Sun and Beneath Moons Light
Walk deosil (clockwise) 3 times around the boundary of your circle, carrying your lit smudge stick,  repeating the following on each circuit:
I call upon you oh powers of fire and air
To protect and consecrate this circle
May the Ground Be Pure and clean
Free From Negativity and harm
Place your smudge stick in a safe place within your circle,.
Take your Earth Charged Water, remove the cork and sprinkle gently as you walk around your circle boundary deosil (clockwise) a further 3 times. Repeat the following during each circuit.
I Call Upon You oh Powers of Earth and Water
To Protect and consecrate this circle
May The Ground Be Pure And Clean
Free From Negativity and Harm.
Place your charged water back within the boundaries of your circle. Walk three times again around the boundary of your circle repeating the following:
May this circle be a meeting place of truth and trust,
A rampart of protection for those who stand herein,
Never for ill, always for right
I ask that I’m shielded by love and by light
This Circle is Cast, safe and secure
Sacred space created for all that is pure
So Mote It Be!
Say The Following to Invite Deity: (here we invite the Goddess)
Enchanted One Of The Starlit skies
Blessed One Of The Gentle Rain
Flowing One Of The Oceans Sighs
Arcane Lady Of The Mountain Stone
Hear my call, offer your might
Be with me on this magical night
Cloak and protect me as I work my spell
Open me to Your Mystic Light
You can now go about your spell work as planned. Should you need to leave the circle at any point (this is not recommended but can be unavoidable at times) please remember to cut a door using your wand, Athame or finger (if you don’t have a wand or Athame available). Be sure to close it behind you and re-open when you wish to re-enter.
Releasing Your circle
It is important at the end of a ritual to release your circle. We do this by walking widdershins (Anti-clockwise) around our circle.
Walk Widdershins, 3 times around your circle, and repeat the following:
Guardians Of The Watchtowers, Witness to my rites
I thank you for your presence and power here tonight
North, East, South and West
In My Thoughts Be Ever Blessed
This Circle Hath Ended
My Rites Here are Done
By The Power Of The Moon
By The Light Of The Sun
So Mote It Be!
Once Your circle is released, focus on directing your raised energy to the intended recipient. This may be the Goddess, God, Astral plane or a person for whom you’ve performed the spell (such as a healing spell performed to help another)
Once I’ve released my circle I like to sit comfortably with closed eyes and visualise the energy I’ve raised as ball of pure white light. I visualise this energy flowing up into the arms of the deities invited in my ritual. It is always a special moment for me and brings the circle to a magical end.

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