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Witch's Charm Vial

Witch's Charm Vial
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A glass cork topped vial containing a witch crafted blend of Crystals, Flowers, Herbs and Resin to correspond with the enchantment you choose. Sealed with wax and pentagram press. The neck of the bottle is fitted with hessian twine and a tibetan silver Pentagram charm. Your manisfestation vial comes in a drawstring pouch making it easy to carry around with you should you wish to.

Keep on your altar, in your car, workplace or pocket anytime you would like to manifest the energy of your charm vial. To keep your vial working to the best of its ability, leave in the light of a full moon to recharge the crystals contained in your vial.

All vials will be cleansed in the smoke of premium quality white sage smudge and charged with the energy and positive vibrations of our Coven Singing bowl

If you don't see the enchantment that you need please select 'other' from the drop down list and let us know what spell you would like in the order comments box at checkout. Please note that we don't blend enchantments intended to hurt or harm anyone emotionally, physically or otherwise

Love and Light

The MoonChild Coven

Measures: 40mm in height by 20mm diameter

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